Development in Pakistan through Women’s Empowerment

The Global Gender Program received a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of State to support a three-year (2014-2016) partnership between GGP and Lahore College Women’s University (LCWU) in Pakistan. At GW, faculty leading the project are Barbara Miller, director of the Elliott School's Global Gender Program and professor of anthropology and international affairs, and Shaista Khilji, professor of human and organizational learning in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development and faculty member of the Elliott School and the GGP. Leading the partnership at LCWU is Sarah Shahed, chair of the Department of Gender and Development Studies. The two groups will work together to share knowledge and understanding about women’s status and empowerment in both Pakistan and the U.S. Another goal is to build capacity of faculty and students at LCWU, and during the first year, the partnership will focus on the curriculum of LCWU's M.A. degree program. Each year, GW will host video conferences and provide webinars to facilitate intellectual exchange and cross-cultural understanding of shared challenges and solutions. Faculty and student exchanges will further contribute to the goals of the partnership. Every year, several LCWU MA students will attend classes at GW in the second summer session. LCWU faculty will visit GW to offer lectures and develop collaborative research projects, and GW faculty will spend time at LCWU delivering courses.

Women and Water in South and Central Asia: Building International Social Capital for Sustainable Peace and Development

This project, funded by the State Department, will support Track II diplomacy (people-to-people relations) and enhance capacity on water resource management as a key element in enhancing stability and prosperity in Central and South Asia. It brings together young women social entrepreneurs and activists from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, to discuss their experiences, best practices, and innovative solutions related to community-level water management. It will also connect them to U.S. institutions and the policy community working on water management and women's participation. The project includes in-person and virtual exchanges in the Central and South Asian region and in Washington DC, video and web content production, and curriculum development. The award is for nearly $300,000 and extends from January 2013 to December 2015. The principal investigator is Marlene Laruelle, research professor of international affairs with the Central Asia Program of the Elliott School's Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies; the co-principal investigator is Ariana Rabindranath, former associate director of the Global Gender Program of the Elliott School's Institute for Global and International Studies (IGIS). Two other affiliated faculty are Deepa Ollapally of the Sigur Center for Asian Studies and Barbara Miller of IGIS and the Global Gender Program.

Women and Healthy Sustainable Societies
Summer 2013

The Global Gender Program received a grant of $18,000 from Conservation International (CI) for a policy review to support CI's initiative, "Women and Healthy Sustainable Societies." The GGP research team comprised Ariana Leon Rabindranath, then associate director of the Global Gender Program, and Pierre Pratley, then pre-doctoral fellow. They collected existing international, regional, and national level policies about freshwater conservation, food security, climate change adaptation, and improved livelihoods in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and then reviewed their inclusion of a gender dimension.