This 1325 Bibliography is the product of nearly two years of work on the part of several student assistants. Starting in fall 2011, Ashley Dennee, an undergraduate student in GW's Elliott School, assumed primary responsibility for building and organizing the Bibliography, on a part-time basis. Through the summer of 2012, she worked tirelessly to enhance the Bibliography before leaving for graduate studies in London in fall 2012. Ashley led the effort of collating several specialized bibliographies into our single, large Bibliography, checking references, adding sources, and providing notations.

During the summer of 2012, Mackenzie Becker, a GW undergraduate majoring in Anthropology and Women's Studies, ably assisted Ashley with adding sources and descriptors and helping move the Bibliography to its public debut.

Several other GGP faculty, staff, and student members have played important contributing roles to building the Bibliography over the past two years. They are presented here in alphabetical order: Delaney Allen, Katie Appel, Andrea Bertone, Joanna Brucker, Erica Buckingham, Caitlin Cumming, Nadia Connelly, Matt LeDuc, Casey McHugh, Caitlin Nordehn, Cait O'Donnell, Milad Pournik, Caroline Spangler, and Katy Stewart. My thanks to everyone involved for making this dream of mine come true as well as those on the GGP team who will ensure that it is maintained, updated, and continually improved.